RIFFS 2006
Published October 17, 2006
Too Hip In Venice

The creative team of LBC curator Michael Monteleone, intrepid filmmaker Roger Mexico, Her Swingin' Majesty Laurie Buckley and jumpin' screenwriter Tom Pope will present the latest trailer for their Lord Buckley documentary film, "Too Hip For the Room" as part of an evening filled with music and films at the 7 Dudley Cinema at the Sponto Gallery in Venice, CA on Wednesday, November 15th.

The evening festivities include:

6:30 PM - 7:45 PM - Master trumpter Paul Litteral, who's played with The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits and Robert Plant.

8:00 PM - Until Done

The film VANISHING AMERICA (2005,6m) Lance Miccio's historical reflection on the jukebox as a shared experience.

The trailer for the film "Too Hip For The Room" (2007, 12m) - a time for questions will follow the screening.

The film "TV Junkie" (2006, 107m) - Producer Jeff Scheftel presents the uncut version of this riveting journey into the heart of darkness, where one man's fight for survival is caught on tape in an unprecedented way. This film was the winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2006.

7 Dudley Cinema
at Sponto Gallery
7 Dudley Ave.
Venice, CA
phone: (310) 306-7330
web: 81x.com/7dudley/cinema