RIFFS 2006
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Published September 20, 2006
The Stony Awards

You Nobles that dig the strange green vine (located at the base of a great cathedral-like group of giant sequoias) surely want to stash this bit of news in your wigs. Buckley interpreter Jake Broder's play "His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley in the Zam Zam Room", has been nominated for a 2006 Stony Award.

The magazine High Times is hosting it's 6th Annual Stony Awards at BB King's joint in New York City on October 24th. "Zam Zam Room" will be competing with two other plays, "Lenny Bruce: In His Own Words" and "The Marijuana-Logues".

When Jake heard about his nomination he exclaimed, "Makes me giggle, that."

LBC wishes the kindly Prince Broder the best of luck as he sees just how high he can make it up that ladder.