RIFFS 2006

Published August 31, 2006
The Lord Is Well And Inside Of You

From the swingin' eagle eye of film producer Tom Huckabee comes a report of a lovely video event lying in wait for all of you "with it" Lords and Ladies.

In 1976 die hard Lord Buckley fan George Harrison released an album titled "Thirty Three and & 1/3". On this jumpin' bit of vinyl is the track "Crackerbox Palace" in which Harrison welcomes all to his pad (and what a pad it was!) For those of you already hip to the cool groove of connection Crackerbox Palace was the name His Lordship bestowed upon several of his Los Angeles Royal Court homes. The song lyrics refer to a "Mr. Grief." This is George Grief, one of Lord Buckley's managers, who, following a dinner party, regaled Harrison with tales of The Lord, including the idea of the Crackerbox Palace. Harrison also pays homage to Buckley with the lyrics "The Lord is well and inside of you."

The above mentioned video was created in support of this recording. Directed by Eric Idle this lovely Peepers and Lobes flip features Harrison himself, Neil Innes (of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and The Rutles), and a grand cast of elegant and tangentially extended rag tags. They are all dancing, all singing and all blissful as they trapse about Harrison's own Friar Park Crackerbox Palace in Hensley-Upon-Thames.

Many thanks to Tom Huckabee for hipping us to this riff.