RIFFS 2006
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Published July 24, 2006
The Pounce Of The Now

M'Ladies and M'Lords, Swingin' Natural Born Royalty, we want to hip Thee to the lastest flip in the Land of the Lobes. In April of this year there were celebrations of The Lord's 100th Birthday all across this sweet Cherryland (and over the pond as well.) A special convocation held in Portland, Oregon, hosted by KBOO-FM DJ Daniel Flessas, featured Buckley biographer and performer Oliver Trager, the saxophone playing and tap dancing Shoehorn and a very special cat named Brian Cutean. Singer and composer Cutean presented with the sweetest musical tribute to Lord Buckley any of us had ever heard. Cutean's tune "Hipsomantic Centennial" weaves a tale of an old man inside a wheel that spins through the grooviest of spaces. The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery and marvelous word play and the tune will swing you through layers and dimensions you never dug before in your entire life. You Studs annd Stallions that can listen to MP3 files can click on the link to the left to dig the Count of Cutean's opus hipus.

MP3 info: "Hipsomantic Centennial" (4:11) - guitar and vocals by Brian Cutean, electric upright bass Robert Vignaud.