RIFFS 2006
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Published July 6, 2006
The 100th Buckley Birthday Bash Still Jumpin'!

The New York City Buckley Centennial celebration was held on April 7, 2006 at the Bowery Poetry Club. Hosted by Buckley biographer Oliver Trager, the event was a very special and unique night in the far out history of The Lord. Now a two DVD disc set of the evening is available to the populance.

Captured on three cameras by documentarians Michael Monteleone, Roger Mexico and Steve Watson the event captures performances, salutes, memories, extensions, inventions, video and wild, swingin' flips of the very hip kind.

Oliver Trager, Tom Calagna, Richard Corey, and Steven Ben Israel perform some of Buckley's greatest routines. Oliver Trager and John Kruth swing up a couple Buckley laden musical numbers. The legendary David Amram shares memories, wails up "Pull My Daisy" and raps it on up to the top golden spike. Lady Laurie Buckley holds the faithful in the palm of her hand. Jason Eisenberg and Mark Schecter bless the audience with their semantics. The trailer for the Buckley documentry "Too Hip For The Room" is shown. Flutist Robert Dick shakes, rattles and rolls the atomosphere avant garde style. And Professor Irwin Corey hands out post graduate degrees.