RIFFS 2006
Published June 27, 2006
Report From The Fields: Cayucos, CA

EDITORS NOTES: Prince Mark Schecter, the closet thing there is to a saint in the Latter Day Royal Court, recently hosted a swingin' soiree in Cayucos, CA. The photos he mentions will soon appear in the Snap, Snap, Snap'n section at LBC. Here is his report of the event.

Dear Princely Cat Michael,

The DVD Viewing Party last night was wonderful. There were 25 of us in my living room. Our group ranged from a number of long-standing Buckleyphiles to a few cats n' kitties who've only heard OF him but no actual exposure. It was s'pose to go till 9:30 pm but due to having even more fun than anticipated we didn't adjurn till midnight (not too bad for a hallelujah Sunday evening)!! Everyone loved and was MOVED by the DVD. You & your crew did a great job of capturing what O-ccured on that Magical Night!! Deep Kudos to you all!!

Here are a few group photos from our gathering. In true Buckleyesque fashion all of our events are clothing optional... so a few of us just couldn't help ourselves. Feel free to post either or both of the photos on your website but pleez give any photo credit to Abe Perlstein who shot them both (just for the record Abe was also one of the main organizers and invaluable in the LBMCs we had all those years ago).

I truly hope all is well in the court of M X 2. If i can be of any help jut ring-a-ding me up. You gotz both Da Lawd and me witcha all da way!

Swingin' Love,
Prince Mark