RIFFS 2006
Published June 19, 2006
The Party Continues

Regal Hipsters, Gentles Flipsters and all you Happy Time Party cats and kitties have got to dig that the celebration of His Lordship's Natal Day Centennial has not ceased yet. Prince Mark Schecter, creator of the legendary Lord Buckley Memorial Gatherings is hosting an evening of swingin' good cheer as he screens the DVD of Oliver Trager's 100th Buckley Birthday Bash at his sweet pad, Sunday June 25th in Cayucos, California.

Cayucos is a groovy little coastal burg that gets real cozy with San Luis Obispo. It is a place where everything is melody and fine.The DVD features Oliver Trager, Tom Calagna, David Amram, Lady Laurie Buckley, Robert Dick, Steven Ben Israel, Richard Corey, Professor Irwin Corey and the latest trailer for the Buckley documentary film "Too Hip For the Room" by LBC curator Michael Monteleone and famed shootist Roger Mexico. If you plan to attend bring beverages and/or something to snack on. And it's best if you RSVP Mark at: 805.995.2010 or email him at: urbeloved@sbc.global.net. Sorry, no kids at this soiree. Parking is limited so trying parking a couple streets away and stomp your way to Mark's. Mark encourages all of who can to wear a pith helmet, and, as usual, clothing is optional.

Lord Buckley 100th Birthday Bash DVD Premier Party
Sunday, June 25th, 2006 - 7:00 - 9:30 PM
Mark Schecter's Sweet Pad
2784 Richard Avenue (Da Launch Pad)
Cayucos, CA