RIFFS 2006
Published June 8, 2006
Lady Laurie Is In Res See Donce

To all Cats and Kitties on the Cool and the Flip LordBuckley.com wants you to dig the latest Marine News: hot on the hip heels of Her Ladyship Laurie Buckley's appearance at the 100th Buckley Birthday Bash in New York City, comes the news that Lady Laurie will soon be appearing at this website with her own page titled "Welcome to The Royal Court". Ain't that a gas?!!!

If ever you wanted to ask a question of the high inner circle now's your chance. If you ever wanted to have a channel straight to Heart of Hipness now is the time. Her Ladyship will be laying her thoughts on the Buckleyscenti and encourages all who have the desire to inquire.

So dust off those questions you never thought you would get answered and lay them at Her Ladyship's virtual feet.

Her Majesty can be contacted via email at: