RIFFS 2006
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Published June 1, 2006
Report From The Fields: Portland, Oregon

The Latter Day Court of His Supremely Flipped Hipness, convened in The Church of the Living Swing in the fair city of Portland, Oregon on April 20th, 2006 for an evening celebrating the life of the all time Gasser of All Gassers, Lord Buckley.

Directing the event was local KBOO Radio Host Daniel Flesass and special guests included Buckley Biographer Oliver Trager, guitarist/composer Brian Cutean, magic sax and tap dancer Shoehorn and Buckley archivist Walt Stempek. An added attraction was the showing of the latest trailer for the Buckley Documentary film in progress, "Too Hip For The Room" by LBC curator Michael Monteleone.

Oliver Trager laid a number of routines on the full house assembled in a former Black Baptist church on the east side of Portland including "Subconcious Mind", "Black Cross" and "The Hip Gan". Brian Cutean performed a lovely song titled "Hipsemantic Centennial" (see link to lyrics below) and the faithful responded with great gnashing of palms and generous laughter. A surprise guest that evening was a swingin', boppin' cat named Shoehorn who took the populance up one side of a groovy pole on a jumpin' hilll and down the other with his simultaneous jazz sax playing and tap dancing.

Before the show and during the breaks the audience was treated to a delicious sampling of Walt Stempek's extensive collection of Buckley history from signed 45s to rare and exotic posters. He also managed to capture a number of photos. See link below.

"Too Hip For the Room" was screened to great success, many of those in attendance having never seen The Lord in action.

The evening was supposed to end with Oliver Trager reading excerpts from "Dig Infinity" but just as he closed his well worn copy a metallic riot of rhythm and sonic flip could be heard emmanating from somewhere below the floorboards. Thrashing it's way up the stairway the sound filled the air with a mad mother of a beat and a long, gone, wild flip of melody. The source of the sound grew closer and closer and suddenly horn players and percussionists, to the delight of the crowd, spewed into the room from the basement stairway. The hippest brass band on the sphere, "March Forth", was in building and playing "When the Saints Go Marching In"! They followed this with three more jumpin' tunes. The audience reacted by dancing their sweet souls into a high frenzy. A splendid and hip time was indeed had by all.

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