RIFFS 2006
Return to Portland Report
Published June 1, 2006
Hipsemantic Centennial
by Brian Cutean
©Brian Cutean 2006

There was an old man
who talked a good line
at night he rode around inside a wheel
Across the void an echo called
as if it were his own
and nothing else had ever seemed so real
Now this same old man
hardly ever slept
and he took so many people way past high
They saw roses shake their hips
and sing through petalled lips
It made them ponder if the sound was mind
Lords and Ladies ~ (he say)
You are the pounce of the now
Lords and Ladies ~
You're the space between why and how
Then this hip so mantic man
got a hundred pounds of clay
and walked a crooked mile every day
He passed out blue cee-gars
on the sidewalk of the stars
while waving at parked cars that couldn't stay
Then a shaggy little dog
sang out like a bird
nesting once outside of Crested Butte
and the old man spun a tale
of the sea inside a whale
that teetered on the verge of high astute
Carmelina ~
You are the endless sea
Carmelina ~
How you sing out the light you be!
So then the old man had a talkin with that dog
They agreed on every word but not the when
They sat up, walked and ran,
rolled over, shaking hands
playing dead until it all began again
Now the next day was the third
and there wasn't any words
so they listened to the roaring of the creek
Across the void an echo called
as if it were their own
and even sneezing toads forgot to speak
That season was the last
before the coming of the first
in the letter and the spirit of great thirst

and the man inside the dog
and the dog beside him too
stood as solid