RIFFS 2006
Published May 9, 2006
Local Studs Makes It Solid Style

By David Simerley

The Tuolumne City Memorial Museum's new permanent Lord Buckley exhibit was dedicated during Buckley's Centennial Celebration, April 6, 2006. The exhibit was assembled and placed by The Wandering Bishops, a network of local performing artists who draw inspiration from Buckley's work.

The exhibit features the original album cover of Buckley's landmark 10" LP, Euphoria, released in 1954 on the Vaya label.

Vaya founder, Jim Dickson (who later became the manager of the folk rock
band The Byrds) said that "retailers didn't know where to put it in the
store because there were no comedy records back then."

Also on display is a copy of the 1966 release Blowing His Mind - And Yours
Too, a Lord Buckley poster designed by his son Richard Buckley Jr. and
souvenirs from the Lord Buckley Memorial Celebrations which were held along the central California coast.

Related research materials have also been placed in the museum.

The museum is located on the corner of Carter and Bay Streets in Tuolumne and is open Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 pm or by appointment. You can visit the museum's website by going to the links section of lordbuckley.com

Editor's Note: What this article does not reveal is that David Simerley (pictured at left) fought tooth and nail to get the exhibit approved and installed. He is truly a swingin' Crusader for The Lord.