RIFFS 2006
Published April 19, 2006
Report From The Field: Florida

My Swingin' Beloveds, Lovely Cats and Kitties, Jumpin' Noble Lords and Ladies, the activity surrounding Sweet Lord Buckley's birth was at a peak last week and reports are starting to trickle in from the various hip venues throughout the realm. Down Crocodile City way John Hostetter and his swingin' bride Del Appleby hosted a gasser of an April 7th gathering that included a Buckley table top display (looking suspeciously like the hippest cargo cult altar you have ever seen in your born days) well as John doing some of His Lordship's routines (including the Four Way Bit - see photos.). Does any one need any othher proof that the Lord lives on?

Check out excerpts from John's emails below:

Well here we are in the soft vacuum of post buckley bliss.
the glow on the faces is getting a bit lighter.
but the buzz in the brain remains.
i'm sure new york was a mardigras of mirth and memory.

i must say doing the four man gag
was quite liberating.
i had never learned it before...
with the intro and the followthrough from beginning to end.
but was fascinated by the dynamic involved.
it's truly a groove to tell the story using
other people's lips eyebrows noses facial contours and whatnot.
can't wait to do it again.
it was good to get back on the horse again
and ride all those routines around the yard.
gonna keep refreshing the brain
with the stuff i used to do
now that i know i have an audience.
the pirates [John's rock band] may start doing god's own drunk... ala jimmy buffet sort of but different.
the maharajah is next on my learning curve.

sending a few more pictures from the party.
it was funny how many folks in my audience
didn't know lord buckley
but had gone online and checked him out before the show...
many thanks to you for that educational link.
peace and all that brings.

much love.