RIFFS 2006
Published April 13, 2006
The Centennial - Marconi Style

My Noble Lords and Ladies, 'twas not only nightclubs, museums and sweet hipster pads that celebrated the Lord's 100th last week but rejoicing was heard also emitting from the mysterious and swingin' ethers of the world of radio. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, 'King' Daevid MacKenzie, host of the show "Echoes of a Century", dedicated his show to the life and work of Lord Buckley.

Recorded Buckley performances dominated the program with MacKenzie sprinkling in a bit of charmingly inaccurate history and a post mortem at the end of the hour.

Those of you who can stream Internet audio can receive the large charge by linking to the following URL:


LBC thanks Oliver Trager for the wig's up on this news item.