RIFFS 2006
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Published April 2, 2006
Mystery Solved 1958 Style

Regal Cats and Kitties, we bring Thee good news, on the inside wire, that the latest Crown Prince Mystery is solved! Please see previous Riff article for the origin of the caper.

We are happy to announce that Lord Buckley will be channeled by voice actor Joe Alaskey himself in his tour de force one man show title “1958: a Retrospeculation.” Joe is considered one of , if not the, the greatest voice talents alive today (he is the inheritior of Mel Blanc’s portfolio of cartoon voices.)

Joe was kind enough to call LBC to discuss his inclusion of The Lord in his new show, written and directed by himself with additional materials and co-directed by Martin Olson, who also handles the musical direction of the show.

“The show is anchored in the year 1958. I do a scene of Orson Welles trying to raise money for a film, and Vincent Price giving a lecture about ‘The Fly’, and of course, I had to include my favorite comedian Lord Buckley.“

The scene for the Lord Buckley section will be the Buckley’s  1958 living room. Lady Buckley will be serving drinks to those gathered, and Alaskey, as Lord Buckley, will encourage audience members to join the Royal Court on stage for the festivities. The grand finale will be Lord Buckley performing his New World miracle story “Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca – The Gasser.”

“I first heard him in the ‘60s as a teenager. And I was struck by how different he was .” remembers Alaskey about his first exposure to Buckley, “He was much more serious than any other comedian I had heard. He used his stories to transmit beautiful humanistic points. And the Gasser has always my favorite routine. It is perfectly constructed. It is history, it is art and it’s entertaining. You tell me what’s not inspirational about Lord Buckley? And I’m excited that the show is going up at the same time as Lord Buckley’s 100th Birthday celebration.”

Joe kindly performed some of “The Gasser” on the phone and let me hip Thee, my noble hipsters, it was RIGHT THERE!

So, Beloveds, those of you on the Left Coast need to make a pilgrimage to the Steve Allen Theater to catch this more than swingin’ event.

 “1958: A Retrospeculation” plays Friday nights at 8:00 PM starting April 7 at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. Tickets are $10.

Steve Allen Theater
Center for Inquiry-West
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90027

For tickets call 323.960.7785  or visit www.plays411.com

Special thanks go to Trish Alaskey, Joe’s personal assistant for arranging the inteview.