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Published March 31, 2006
A New Crown Prince Mystery?

The thought plickens, Beloveds, as we are scratching our wigs with the latest in Lord Buckley mysteries. The Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, California will be hosting a live theatrical production titled "1958: A Retrospeculation" on Friday nights, for six weeks, starting April 7th, 2006. The show, written and staged by voiceover artist Joe Alaskey and writer/producer Martin Olson, promises that the attender will, amongst other wonders, "SEE Lord Buckley tell a story!!"

A call has been put in to His Grace Prince Alaskey's agency in an effort to explain the currently unexplainable.

One possible explanation might be that the Crown Prince HRH Richard Buckley Jr. will be repeating his 2005 Steve Allen Theater appearance where he laid "Jonah and The Whale" upon the faithful.

Any updates will be posted here for Your Grace's erudition.

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