RIFFS 2006
Published March 25, 2006
The Solid Sent Rhythm Of Love

Like the leading edge of a Multi Mother Laser Beam shooting the solid sent rhythm of love across the galaxy, the celebration of Lord Buckley's 100th Birthday continues to spread across the Great Cherryland.

All those gorgeous cats and kitties down Florida way will be stomping, hallelujah style, towards New Smyrna Beach, Florida on Wednesday, April 5th for a beauteous Jump, Flip and Spin (on every strata.) Buckley interpreter John Hostetter hosts this celebration of the life and legacy of Lord Richard Myrle Buckley from 4 - 6 PM. He shall call forth His spirit by performing many of Lord Buckley's classic tales.

Those of you interested in joining this swingin' seance can inquire at john@johnhostetter.com