RIFFS 2006
Published March 11, 2006
A Sadder Day
Lady Elaine Thomasen 1912 - 2006

Has there been a sadder day at LBC, beloveds? I think not. News has reached us of the passing of Our Lord’s only surviving niece Lady Elaine Thomasen, age 94 swingin’ years old.

Lady Elaine, a gentle spirited and bright eyed painter of beautiful watercolors lived on a mountain top in Corralitos, California with blue skies and pine trees for her companions. The love of her life husband Tux had died years before.She was a great friend and fan of Lord Buckley’s her whole life. She made a noble effort to gather and record Buckley family history and anecdotes. Her recollections of her grandmother Annie Laurie Buckley, HRH’s mother, made one feel that they had met her. In July of 1998 LBC curator Michael Monteleone and discographer Walt Stempek made the pilgrimage to Lady Elaine's for a video interview. The then 86 year old Elaine proved to be a lively and valuable witness to the early life of Lord Buckley.

No funeral is planned but down the road a bit Lady Elaine’s friends will convene amongst the green trees and the blue summer skies to remember the beautiful life and times of a true member of the Royal Court, Lady Elaine Thomasen.