RIFFS 2006
Published February 23, 2006
CP Lee's Direct Line

After a painfully long absence from the boards, CP Lee, the UK's legendary Lord Buckley interpreter, will once again delightfully demonstrate his patented technique known as "The Direct Line" in his show "Dig Infinity! - Lord Buckley Live", "The Direct Line" is a spectacular application of scientific principles derived from the high inner circle of the circle at the very heart of acoustics. Your peepers and lobes will never be the same, Jack! Are you there? CP Lee channels Lord Buckley in Manchester (the site of the natal day swing of Our Lord's sweet daddy), from April 4 - 8th. You may not sleep at all if you don't make the scene, my Royal Beloveds!

'Dig Infinity! - Lord Buckley Live'
4th to 8th April 2006
Manchester, England

Presented by CP Lee
Studio Salford
Kings Arms, Bloom Street (Bloom Street is a continuation of M/cr's Bridge Street)

Live Jazz - And a whole heap of Jive from 8 PM every night

reservations - 0161 834 3896