RIFFS 2006
Published January 26, 2006
On a Cocoanut Island

Beloveds, we bring Thee news of a revolutionary nature - 33 RPM wise. Recently a sweet prince of the Latter Day Church of the Living Swing checked in with LBC to inquire as to the nature of a record he had in hand. He said the disc was titled "Comic Novelties" On side B of that disc was a track titled "On a Cocoanut Island" the artist listed was, dig this, Dick Buckley. If true this was the first known recording of Our Lord.

LBC checked in with comedy album collector Warren Devenham who confirmed that a disc called "Comic Novelties" did indeed exist. He was happily jazzed to learn that Dick Buckley was on that record. Some far flung binary research lead to a swingin' cat up in the icey dicey named David Lennick. Lennick is a jumpin' expert Recordhead who does his bit to save all the antique wax from the land fill scene. And he just happened to have passed the old Birch and Record Store many long flips ago where he had picked up on the current riff.

Lennick estimates this recording, a 10 inch on the Solitaire Records label, is circa 1949. LP records first made the scene in June 1948 so once again The Jumpin' Lord was on the scene early. So rejoice Beloveds, rejoice in the never ending surprise that is Lord Buckley.