RIFFS 2006
Dig the riff in Stereo
Published January 1, 2006
Wild Stardust Flips In The Fargonesphere

That perennial grand bandstand duo NASA and JPL are at it once again, this time reaching way on out there for some jumpin' comet kicks. And they are taking The Swingin' Lord with them!

Launched on a Motha Big rocket in Florida on February 7, 1999 the Stardust project first makes three loop-de-loops around the Big Heater before heading towards a celestial street corner meeting with a chilly hunk of interstellar ice called "Comet Wild 2"*. Once there it will collect samples and space type dust. In addition to all it's crazy spacehead apparati, on board are two microchips (plus copies of each chip), one engraved with 136,000 names and the other with 1,000,000 names. Included in those lists of names is the tag of our beloved Flipster Lord Buckley. The two engraved microchips will make the journey back to our sphere via the Sample Return Capsule. The other copies of the microchips will stay with it all the way and drift through the Fargonesphere digging infinity.Inquires at the JPL website yielded no clue as to who submitted Lord Buckley's name for the space ride so there is a hipster mystery way out there amongst God's Sweet Lanterns.Many thanks to Roger "The Marquis" Mexico for hipping us to this gasser of a news flip.

*Before you cats and kitties think that all them spacehead cats have cooled their angles and lost their octogon postures by calling that comet Wild you should dig that "Wild" is pronounced "Vilt" after it's Swiss discoverer.