RIFFS 2005
Published December 22, 2005

Thus Spake Jake

You swingin' cats and jumpin' kitties who can tune in on the internet's virtual radio scene will want to swivel your binary lobes in the direction of KNYC, the Big Apples NPR riff for an interview with the Zam Zam flipsmeister, Jake Broder

On December 15, 2005, John Schaefer host of the Sound Check , had Jake Broder into the studios to discuss the Great Lord of Flip Manor and Jake's show "His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley in the Zam Zam Room" currently being performed at the 59E59 Theatre in New York City.

Click on the link on the left to get a lobe full of Jake Broder's interview (when you get to the WNYC page click on "His Royal Hipness")