RIFFS 2005
Published December 11, 2005

Sweet Sir Richard's Ticker Flips
Richard Pryor 1940 - 2005

"And the same thing with Richard [Pryor], you know, it was like preaching. I mean, he would do Mudbone but then he'd do other characters. He did a thing one night that was the closest thing to Buckley I ever saw where he talked about God coming back, looking for his kid. He said,

'I'm here for my boy.'

And they said - he did all the religious leaders of the world going,

'You want to tell him?'

And he go, "What?"

'Tell him. Now, come on tell him. You made a good living off this. Tell him!'

So they finally push the pope out and go,

[in a goofy Pope voice] 'We, ummm, we killed him. But he came back. And then he split.'

And then he did this amazing thing where he became God thinking about destroying the world. And then he went and he said,

'Naw, I'm not coming back. I'm going to give you love. And if you fuck that up you're on your own.'

And the whole place - there wasn't a laugh. He just walked off the stage, but he never did it again. Maybe it was just too heavy or maybe it was one of those things that deserves only to be done that once."

Robin Williams, Interview August 30, 2000