RIFFS 2005
The radio interview at WNYC radio
Published October 29, 2005
Radar Blips Trager Style

You cats and kitties that keep up with the keep up will dig this double play. Oliver Trager, intrepid author and King of the Buckleyheads was recently spotted as two blips on the web radar. That's some kind of action!

A profile of Oliver titled "An Unidentified Flying Idea: The Journey of Oliver Trager" appears online in the Summer 2005 Park Slope Reader.

And a WNYC radio interview with Oliver, called "Digging Dylan" on the Brian Lehrer Show from October 20, 2005 can be heard at the stations website. Those of you with fine tuned ears will dig Oliver's deep, resonant pipes as well as what the cat lays down in the wig bubble department.