RIFFS 2005
Those of you on the Yankee side of the pond click here for BBC Radio Four - Look for Lord Buckley under the "L" section.
Published July 20, 2005
Brothers And Sisters Rejoice !

Royal swingers everywhere on this groovey, angel sounding sphere will dig that the BBC has got it down right and tight as far as The Lord is concerned.

HRH CP Lee, a magnificent alabaster Duke, British rock 'n' roll icon and UK Buckley intepreter without peer has sculpted a jumpin' radio documentary about Lord Buckley and the BBC has picked up on the lick. Featuring the grand pipes and equally grand semantic units of CP his royal self and featuring The King of the Buckleyheads Oliver Trager, it is a gone and jumpin' look at The Lord.

Dig this from the BBC Radio Four website:

Stand up comic, jazz personality, vaudeville entertainer, impersonator and guru, Lord Buckley influenced a generation of Americans, from Frank Sinatra and Lennie Bruce to Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.

Buckley aficionado C P Lee unravels the complex story of the man whose bohemian lifestyle and "hipsemantic" routines, based on jive vernacular, provoked the authorities but delighted audiences.

The programme features clips from some of Buckley's finest recordings, including his version of Marc Antony's Funeral Oration to Caesar, which begins: "Hipsters, flipsters, and finger-popping daddies, knock me your lobes!".

Tune in on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 as BBC Four will make all that jazz with the Rad-ee-o. Tune your virtual rabbits to BBC Radio Four at 11:30 UK time and rejoice with CP Lee and The Lord.