RIFFS 2005
Published May 25, 2005
A Redwood On A Bender *

Sweet, groovy angels, we are blessed today by news coming down the pike that the June issue of Los Angeles Magazine has one swingin', rippin' and flippin' text frame dedicated to The Lord. Senior Editor RJ Smith has directed his subconcious mind to the third level of The Way On Out There Department and proceded to lay back into a long goof of grand design. His article "King of the Cats" lays it all out there for you Royals in a very hip, deep and joyous way.

The June issue (The Comedy Issue) is on the stands now. Dig it deeply, Beloveds !

Special thanks to Roger "The Marquis De" Mexico for hipping us and providing the goods for this riff!

* Page 202 of June issue of Los Angeles Magazine