RIFFS 2005
Published April 25, 2005

You texthead cats and kitties that scour the printed page for references to The Lord, may want to get hip to a little hats off from author James Wolcott as he holds forth on the abysmal state of standup comedy this month in his column Wit's End in the May 2005 issue of Vanity Fair.

Written with a liberal sprinkling of history, word play and insight, Wolcott surveys the current State of Guffaw. And it just don't look all that groovey from Prince Wocott's perspective. But, freak not, Beloveds for comedy comes and goes and when it's gone it's really Gone !

His Lordship is referenced in column one of page 122.

Thanks to Prince's Roger Mexico and Doug Cruickshank for the note under the door hipping us to this flip.