RIFFS 2005
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Published April 19, 2005
Hipsters, Twisters And Foot Stompin' Daddies

All you kitties and cats, stallions and studs that dig those that stomp across the floor artisticwise will want to get with the latest riff in the Grand Swingin' Cosmos that is the legacy of The Lord. Bill T. Jones, a magnificent choreographer and dancer has created a work called (drumroll please !) "Lord Buckley" for the inauguration of the William and Nadine McGuire Theater at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 2,4 and 5th, 2005.

Dig this description of Prince Jones work:

The third work, titled Lord Buckley after the legendary 1950s performance/jazz artist, was commissioned by the Walker to inaugurate the new McGuire Theater and celebrate its decades-long relationship with Jones. A response to Buckley's be-bop monologue/rap The Nazz, Jones' movement reflects Beat-era jargon, the extravagant twists and hyper-hip rhythms that popularized Buckley's signature sound. The evening also includes a mix of transitional musical, text, and media elements, sure to combine for an unforgettable performance experience.

Thanks to Their Graces Roger Mexico and Oliver Trager for hipping us to this action movement.