RIFFS 2005
Published April 5, 2005
99 And Counting!

Noble Cats and Kitties, Regal Finger Poppers, M'Lords and M'Ladies, the Swingin' Stud that hips us to the All and the Everything, that Majestic and singular Peer of the Realm of Hipdom, the Jumpin', Ever Stompin' Lord of Flip Manor Lord Buckley celebrates his 99th birthday today and we start the countdown to 100.

From the dust and mine tailings of backwoods Tuolumne to the glittering lights and golden prosceniums of Broadway and Las Vegas, His Lordship lit the way for many of us poor pilgrims.

Let us rejoice in the time he spent on this sphere and let us dig that, though infinity has caught up with The Lord, he is with it and with us all the way.

Happy Birthday, to the most swingin' cat
since The Nazz ! ! !