RIFFS 2004
Published November 11, 2004
The Lord Votes Dizzy

Beloveds, still undecided this election cycle? Freak not for The Lord and Dizzy are here to hip you to the right chad, dad !

Jake Broder, that intrepid actor of stage, screen and the mightly little beam has brewed up a new batch of his delightful Lord Buckley elixer for Thee and Thine.

Vote Dizzy ! A Evening with His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley is the title of Broder's latest stage invocation of all things hip, sassy and with it. It will be presented at the Soho Theatre + Writers' Centre in London (Jolly Ol' style) October 14th to November 6th, 2004. Dig the data below.

Soho Theatre + Writers' Centre
21 Dean Street, London W1

Box Office 0870 429 6883
online at www.sohotheatre.com

Performance dates and times
14 October to 6 November at 9.30pm

Ticket prices
£15 (£12 concessions)