RIFFS 2004
Published August 1, 2004
Der Eggle Swoops
Ed Randolph 1922 - 2004

Prince Markow The Younger has just laid a wig downing headline on LBC: Ed Randolph, 82, dubbed Prince Eaglehead by His Lordship because of his prominent beak, has sadly swooped the sphere. English by birth, international by choice, Randolph's career ranged far and wide. To the Buckleyscenti he is known primarily for having produced the rarest of all Buckley albums: Parabolic Revelations of the Late Lord Buckley: A Collection of Six Lessons by the 'Hip Messiah'. He was also a salesman, advance man, magazine model and a Monte Carlo gambling innovator of extraordinary and metalegal inventiveness. In his last charming manifestation, well into his seventies, Der Eggle, could be found smoking the curls just off shore at sunny Waikiki Beach or puckishly plucking "When the Saints Go Marching In" on his ukelele. He was fond of word play and puns and he had a great fluency with Carny Talk, he loved to laugh and was just as likely to make fun of himself as he was to goof on his buddy cats. LBC curator, Michael Monteleone, a personel friend, remembers Prince Eaglehead: "He was a miracle of spirit and delightful company. He would call from Hawaii just to tell me the latest joke he had learned. About two weeks ago, I called him to wish him happy birthday. He was on some pain medication but even through the fog of his meds he was finding things in my words to twist into something that made me laugh." Prince Eaglehead died July 31, 2004 in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is survived by his loving, care taking brother John.