RIFFS 2004
Published July 27, 2004
Now, about them Christian Cats . . .

Most of the email that comes from all you sweet cats and kitties is sent down the chute to thesecular editor in the Church of the Living Swing department. The nature of the beast is such that most inquiries and comments belong, rightfully, there. But, once in a while, a lovely hip missive makes it's way along the inside wire and we are able to dig the power of His Lordship in the land of them Christian Cats. The email below came in response to a LordBuckley.com mailing last week announcing Sir Jason of Eisenberg's latest Reincarnation flip. Please lay your loving peepers on this jumpin' epistle.


Greetings, dear Prince!

I am flipped, wigged and grooved to have your e-missive re the cats and kitties in Long Island, digging the Lord in mufti.

I thought you would be similarly gassed to know that The Gasser lives on, and was recently wailing in South Dakota.

I was on a Jesus-kick with my 14 year old last week, in a Black Hills-based bible camp, surrounded by with-it kids putting down The Word with such beauty and such charm that fa-DAM...it stayed there.

Came time for a show (and I really blow with a big show), and I was seized by inspiration. My time came, and I WAILED with The Gasser. At its mighty conclusion, you could have heard a pin drop.

Them kids eyes was like dinner plates. Sensational! They ain't NEVER dug no jazz like that before in all their BORN days.

Lord Buckley forever!


Jared Hoke