RIFFS 2004
TLBR PDF (Caution: 2.3 meg download)
Published July 19, 2004
Automatic Reincarnation

Hipster patriots knock me your lobes ! The ticker tape is flippin' with the news that The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble (masterfully helmed by the Jumpin' Sir Jason Eisenberg) has announced it's candidacy for President of the United States of Mind under the banner of the Automatic Party.

Standing precariously, in jazz formation, on the edge of the purple vapor wrapped B-19 crater at their campaign and rehearsal headquaters, Sir Jason Eisenberg and TLBR look radiant in their swingin' silver jump band uniforms replete with nitro-helium tanks and digital voice pitch shifters.

You cats and kitties that are looking for a way to vote your meta-conscience consider the hip alternative of The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble of the Automatic Party !

For those of you Regals that wish to dig the platform riff click to the left on TLBR's PDF