RIFFS 2004
Published June 20, 2004
There's No Place Like Tuolumne

The California gold country township of Tuolumne will be celebrating it's 150th Anniversary on Saturday, September 25. A formal opening ceremony with showcase dignitaries making pronouncements from the gazebo in the park, Veterans raising the flag and the Miwuk Tribal Leader offering a prayer. Hosted by the Tuolumne Park and Recreation District and sponsored by the Black Oak Casino (the local band of Miwuks have set up a gambling parlor in town), the day's entertainment will include a Royal Court Jazz Brunch to honor Tuolumne's most famous native son. From 11am to 2pm, the Wandering Bishops, a local performance art troupe, will serve up live music with plenty of Buckley shtick at Friends ("You always have friends in Tuolumne") coffee house located at 18698 Pine St.

The folowing month, there will be a presentation about his Lordship at the Tuolumne City Memorial Museum, 18663 Carter Street, Tuesday, October 5 at 7 PM.  The blurb reads: Like Mark Twain, Buckley was a post-war humorist who helped reinterpret American values during an era of dramatic social change. The presentation will focus on an overview of this Tuolumne native's career, his impact on our culture and why he continues to be so popular today. A collection of Buckley memorabilia will be on display.

Besides the display, there will also be a 150th Commemorative book, video and a time capsule.

Contact Info:

Tuolumne City Memorial Museum
Post Office Box 1174
Tuolumne, CA 95379
Telephone (209) 928-3516
Web: www.TuolumneMuseum.org
E-mail: Info@TuolumneMuseum.org