RIFFS 2004

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Eric Hobsbawm Interview
Grover Sales Interview
Gregory Toliver Interview
Barry SanderS Interview
Published May 12, 2004
Speak The Jive Alive !

Most Esteemed and Jumpin' Majesties, we have swung with the book and expanded the latitutde of the attitude a bit more this day. Knowing that a number of you studs and stallions dig barrels full of the semantic units, we here at LordBuckley.com are proud to announce the addition of four beautiful new entries in the Speak the Jive section.

Transcribed from interview tapes from Michael Monteleone and Roger Mexico's documentary film about Lord Buckley "Too Hip For The Room", these four interviews really flip the meter.This way on out there quartet is composed of Marxist historian author and jazz writer Eric Hobsbawm, jazz critic Grover Sales, Oxford educated swinger Gregory Toliver and recent Pulitzer Prize nominee author Barry Sanders.