Riffs 2003
Playlist for The Tales of Lord Buckley
Published August 25, 2003
The Crown Prince Mystery

You noir type cats and kitties that go flip for a little mystery now and then, and you studs and stallions that are looking for an easy way to rise through the ranks of the Royal Court may want to dig the slo-motion gavel scene at ebay. Someone (there is no positive ID) purporting to be “H.R.H. Crown Prince Richard Buckley (son of Lord Buckley)” is offering a possibly intriguing cache of Lord Buckley goods. Four CDs with over 50 Lord Buckley routines, a poster, a paperback book and a Certificate of Royalty. The 4 CD set is part of a limited series of 100.

The playlist for the four CDs is varied but appears to be primarily previously issued material. Yet there are some items that LBC is not familiar with (view the playlist using the link below.) The poster is titled “Wild Truth” it is 17" X 18". The paperback book is a worthy tome of 20th century “solo performance text” called “Extreme Exposure”. The Certificate of Royalty is a curious notion. The official archivist at LBC has turned up nothing to indicate that His Lordship ever laid a title on anybody in exchange for the coin of the realm. But the current instance is very much in line with the enterprising practices of the medieval Roman Catholic Church that sold Indulgences to those needing to cover the action. Methinks His Lordship would have laid a little Latin on us as comment: “Res ipsa loquitur, Daddy-o!!” or possibly "Caveat emptor, Your Grace."