Riffs 2003
Published June 18, 2003
Little Gods And Goddesses

The Lord Is Come - To The World Of Roleplaying Games!

Two comparatively recent releases of Role Play Game source material may be of interest to the Royal Court: one set in the far-flung future and the other just off to the side from here and now.

Spies And Revolutionaries - for the Fading Suns game from Holistic Design. The year is Five-Thousand-and-change; humanity done went and took to the stars, stompin' on some whole new spheres, built us a sweet swingin' techno-utopia then blew the whole gig and spent the last millenium in a New Dark Age. For those who like their science fiction with a medieval flavor; noble houses, the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun and the merchant guilds, with lotsa aliens and bug-eyed monsters thrown in for good measure. Spies And Revolutionaries is a collection of dossiers covering the "intelligence community" (so-called), with a file on the "Mercurians," latter-day Discordian pranksters who go 'round knockin' the edges off the squares. One of 'em goes by the name of "Lord Buckley"...