Riffs 2002
Published December 16, 2002
Mighty Nice, Daddy-o

Legendary surrealist/political satirist/puppeteer and Buckley affectionado, Paul Zaloom unleashes his latest solo extravaganza, MIGHTY NICE, a work in three parts: "THE PUNCH AND JIMMY SHOW", a gay update of the classic "Punch and Judy"; "DON'T", a mock D.A.R.E anti-drug presentation hosted by an intense state cop and his drug addled, life-sized dummy, Billy; and "2222", a frenetic, apocalyptic, and hysterical sci-fi vision of what the world will be like in the year 2222.Zaloom uses his weapon of choice, humor, to disarm and encourage, to melt the pessimism away, and to hurt the face from way too much laughter. Zaloom recently spoke to LBC at his shows.

"My shows are deeply influenced by Buckley, both in terms of style (multiple voices, rapid dynamics) and content, particularly as represented by Senator Slugwell and H Bomb, my favorite routines. He makes the most eloquent case for secular humanism I have ever experienced). I was inspired to start doing my solo pupppet shows in part by the Lord; I wanted to create a dense, complex visual componant that would go along with the intense verbal experience. All of my shows have had a line or two appropriated from the Lord as a kind of hommage. So my work is very very Buckleyesque; lately I've been listening to his routines as a warm up to rehearsal, an inspiration. Oh he was so great; what a gift he gave us and how it keeps sustaining us!"

What the critics say:

"Paul Zaloom is a wildly creative, stupendously resourceful performance artist" Time Out New York"

Mighty Nice! - a new puppet spectacle by Paul Zaloom
Fri-Sun, Jan 3- Jan. 5
Wed-Sun, Jan 8-12
8:30 p.m. - $20
Sundays at 5 p.m

For tickets call the box office at 212-477-5288 or buy tickets online at
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