Riffs 2002
Published July 16, 2002
Hipster Bob?

Those of you cats and kitties that tuned into the article about Lord Buckley on NPR on July 1st already dig that the voice introducing THE VOICE was veteran newscaster and Morning Edition Host Bob Edwards. This last Monday, July 15th, on Morning Edition, Bob read some letters to NPR about various news stories. One such letter was from a New York cat that laid down his Lord Buckley scene in a very hip patois. At first, Prince Bob read it straight, but soon he was caught up in the rhythms and poetry and by the end he was swingin' it up real cool hipsemantic style. There's just something jumpin' about that prose!

If you have REAL AUDIO you can listen to Bob reading the Buckley letter by going to the Morning Edition audio area at NPR.org.