Riffs 2002
Published June 25, 2002
Lord Buckley Rides Again

For two weeks (that's a fortnight, Jack!), starting Friday, July 12th, Dig Infinity! author Oliver Trager is the guest of writer Michael Simmons at The Inkwell, a beautifully paced online literary salon. HRH Trager will be answering questions posed by Michael Simmons and anyone who wishes to write in.

This in not a live chat type event. According to The Inkwell’s Linda Castellani, “Unlike chat, which takes place at a particular time and is ephemeral, the topics in inkwell.vue remain online just about forever, so they can be read and responded to long after the interview is done.” This discussion will be active for two weeks.

All you kats and kitties that want to lay your peepers on the considerable semantic units already gone down can tune your browser to this url:

Oliver Trager/Dig Infinity! discuss at The Inkwell

And if any of you royal hipsters are just dying to have HRH Trager straighten you on a point or two then send an email to this address:

inkwell-hosts@well.com (put Oliver Trager - Dig Infinity in the subject line)

So, polish Thy peepers, sharpen Thy wig riffs, and tap them keys, beloveds, because Oliver Trager is at the Poe-Dee-Um!