Riffs 2002
Published June 10, 2002
David Amram: Offbeat?

Those of you tuned to the high inner circle of the inner circle at the very heart of acoustics will dig the latest efforts of composer and world music crusader, the Blessed St. David Amram. He has written a grand tome in the key of hip titled "Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac". The book, filled with wonderful stories of Amram's adventures with Jack Kerouac also includes a number of references to Lord Buckley.

Offbeat, Collaborating with Kerouac
by David Amram copyright 2002
published by Thunder's Mouth Press
an Imprint of Avalon Publishing Group Incorporated
161 William St., 16th Floor
New York, NY 10038
ISBN 1-56025-362-2