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Published May 29, 2002
Dig Them Double Bright Moments

The regal Lords and Ladies of Gotham City are in for double bright moments when Dig Infinity! author Oliver Trager and veteran Buckley interpreter Tom Calagna hit the boards at 55 Bar in Greenwich Village at the end of June 2002.

If you are in the audience for this show you will be digging the hippest tag team on the sphere. HRH Trager will read selections from his recently published biography of Lord Buckley, Dig Infinity! and Tom Calagna, the Count of Lunicia Extremetis, will channel some of His Lordship's gonest gospels.

Even if you can't make it there,Your Grace, make it there!!!

Oliver Trager and Tom Calagna
Sunday, June 30th - 5-7pm - FREE!!

55 Bar
55 Christopher St. (Sixth/Seventh Avenue)
New York, NY
( 212 ) 929-9883