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Published May 3, 2002
THE LORD IS COME ! Dig Infinity !

That swingin' scribe Prince Oliver Trager has hip dipped his quill in the jet black ink of jumpin', stompin' history and the results are DIG INFINITY! the Life and Art of Lord Buckley published by Welcome Rain Publishers.

This tome, four hundred and leapin' five pages of oral history and not so straight biographical narrative jumps with the sweet light of love. The vast cast of witnesses including Robin Williams, Jerry Garcia, Ed Sullivan, Joan Baez, Ken Kesey, Henry Millier, even Lord Buckley His Royal Self!

To celebrate this long awaited event LordBuckley.com will be opening the doors of the the Supermarket section at LBC to offer up the first edition and first printing of DIG INFINITY! This book is sure to be a collector’s item. So, take your browser deep into the heart of hip by stomping by and taking the pick of the litter. All proceeds from sales will go to support LordBuckley.com.

Also, dig this: Oliver Trager will be LordBuckley.com's guest for the hippest online chat room event that ever swung through the gates. Look for the announcement of time and place in the New Riffs section at LBC. If you are on the mailing list you will receive an email for this event.

Swingin' Princes and Noble Ladies, it bears repeating: THE LORD IS COME!!!!!Keep the melody close to Thy ticker and the beauty of this sweet, swingin’ sphere will always do right by Thee.