Riffs 2002
Published April 21, 2002
Make it, Jude !

Noble cats and kitties, the celebration is on!! Phantom Gallery in Portland, Oregon is inviting all the hipnoscenti to make the scene on Saturday, April 27th to knock up a mad, belated birthday beat for HRH Richard Lord Buckley. By most accounts His Lordship lived at least two lifetimes in his fifty fours years on this sweet swingin’ sphere, so, it ain’t much of a wig stretch to lay out the candles for his 96th.

Performances, rare recordings and a video presentation of the trailer for Michael Monteleone’s Buckley documentary “Too Hip For the Room” will highlight this gathering of those that dig the Lord. Make it, Jude!!!

Lord Buckley’s 96th Belated Birthday Scene
Saturday April 27 - 8pm
Phantom Gallery
3125 SE Belmont (31st and Belmont)
Portland, OR

(503) 232-4004