Riffs 2001
Published October 6, 2001
The Great Head Head
Oscar Janiger 1918 - 2001
Lost in the swirling madness of the recent assaults on humanity and architecture in Gotham was the quintuple sad drag news of the death on August 17th of Dr. Oscar Janiger. Dr. Janiger, the Great Oz or the Head Head, as his Lordship titled him, was a long time friend of Lord Buckley's and the man who pioneered the American research of a very new (at that time) drug called LSD. Dr. Janiger piped His Lordship on board the good ship Lovely Soul Detonator and has been quoted as saying, "Well, Buckley plus acid was some form of special configuration, I can tell you right now."

Oz, as his friends called him, had been in rather delicate condition indeed the last few years and recently lost his beloved wife Kathy, but was still full of ideas and had been planning a lively memorial service for Lord Buckley along the same lines as the one he produced for his first cousin Allen Ginsberg. Tap the link below for journalist Doug Cruickshank's interview with Dr. Janiger. And may the Great Oz Head be at peace, for his name still swings lovingly on many earth bound lips.