Riffs 2001
Published October 1, 2001
Sir Jason Storms The Smoke

Jason Eisenberg's LORD BUCKLEY REINCARNATION ENSEMBLE (or parts thereof) jumps the pond to swingin' Londontown for the LONDON INTERNATIONAL POETRY & SONG FESTIVAL - A BEAT WEEKEND, Oct 26-28, 2001. Spoken Word, music, comedy, poetry, philosophy, impeccable morals and debauchery of the highest order. Including a cast of freewheeling subversives from the U.S., England, Iceland and Europe who will attempt to leviatate the planet closer to Cloud 9. Featuring David Amram, Carolyn Cassady, and a small army of pretenders to the Throne of Glory. Produced by Richard Deakin.

Schedule of events:

Friday 26 October @ 7 pm LIPS' CABARET PARTY and PRESS LAUNCH, TRAFALGAR HOTEL, Trafalgar Sq, London W1

Saturday 27 October @ 7pm LIPS' REBEL NIGHT
Hackney Empire's BULLION ROOM Theatre 117 Wilton Way London E8 Box Office: 020 8985 2424

Sunday 28 Oct @ 2pm LIPS' BEAT AFTERNOON
Hackney Empire's BULLION ROOM Theatre 117 Wilton Way, London E8

Sunday 28 Oct @ 7pm LIPS' BEAT NIGHT
OCEAN, 270 Mare St, Hackney E8 Box Office: 020 7314 2800