Riffs 2001
Published May 23, 2001
A Nickel's Worth Of Ink
BEAT SCENE Magazine (England) has published an interview with Jason Eisenberg (the hip gyro behind the Lord Buckley Reincarnation Project) on the subject of Lord Buckley in its current issue (#37). It's a large-format publication with feature articles, reviews, news, photographs of the original beat culture in the U.S., Europe and worldwide, their antecedents and inheritors. Articles cover literature, music, film, performing arts, the legendary, the unknown, and the up-and-coming. It's considered by some to be "the world's best beat publication". To spread the word about the magazine and The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Project, copies of forthcoming BEAT SCENE #37 are available for purchase. If you would like one, send a check for $10. plus $2 postage per issue (multiple copies, $3 postage) payable to:

Jason Eisenberg,
P.O. Box 142
Groton, MA 01450 U.S.A.
You'll receive your copy in two weeks.