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Lord Buckley And The Icy Dicey
The Word Of The Lord
A Reincarnation Cat
Hipsters Flipsters
A Reincarnation Cat Too
Published March 2000
Subject To Being A Reincarnation Cat

Sound the alarm and make way, the Great Cat, The Hip Messiah, the Wig to End All Wigs, Lord Buckley Rides Again! Jason Eisenberg's LORD BUCKLEY REINCARNATION ENSEMBLE (or parts thereof) are swingin' in to the Bad Girrls Studio Saturday, April 8, 2000.

Eisenberg's recreation of Lord Buckley's acrobatic, clean-out-of-your-aromatic-skull Hipsemantic monologues will be illuminated by the Jazz Orchestra of the Royal Court, a five piece ensemble led by the equally acrobatic alto saxophonist Prince James Merenda. And dig the taste, Daddy-o: ZER0!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2000
Bad Girrls Studio
209 Green St
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
phone 617 971 0082
-reception at 8:30 PM
-show starts at 9PM - free admission