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His Lordship Makes The Bad Girrls


Published September 1999
Lord Buckley Makes It With The Bad Girrls

Prince Ian Thal has tapped the LBO wig and hipped us to a happening riff: The fine chicks and fine studs of Bad Girrls Studios in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts (a most exquisite pad for digging sounds and pictures) are putting together a glorious shindig in honor of His Royal Hipness. They are sending out a sweet clarion call to all the hep cats and kitties beseeching them to lend out any exotic vinyl platters and film strips and other crazy ring ding things so they can blow some multimedia jazz for the flipsters and hipsters and the yet to be hipped and flipped

Dig this quote from the Good Prince Ian, "Not a fin to get in, but if you slip us some green so we can keep putting down the scene, well that'd be real cool. Dig?Now if you fine cats and kitties want to make the soiree swingin' we are sounding a beat for any fine wax or filmstrips you can kick to us so we can all flip out like seventeen carnivals takin' off. We'll kick it all back to you."

Here's the skinny:
November 6th, 1999
Bad Girrls Studios' Tribute to Lord Buckley
Bad Girrls Studios
209 Green Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130