Riffs 1999
Prince David and Sir Jason
A Venerable Prince Takes A Cab
Lord Buckley Alive
Whack At The Classics
Lord Buckley Powers Ahead
Knockin' That S.O.S.'n Bell
The Lord Returns To Tuolumne
The Lord Jumps The Pond
Prince Henzel Flips The Bugbird
The Candidate And The Eisenberg
Lord Buckley In Grass Valley
His Lordship Makes The Bad Girrls


Published August 1999
The Manchurian Candidate & The Eisenberg

Manchurian Swingmeister David Amram brings it on back with a K.E.R.O.U.A.C & Sir Jason E. summons Lord Buckley to the fore...........further on up the road at the 12th annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival [with Robert Creeley], Lowell MA Sept. 30-Oct 2, 1999.

Find out all about The Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival at:http://www.floweringcity.org/lck/Look on the website Schedule for these events where David Amram & Sir Jason E.will conjur Lord Buckley unto the populance:

AZTEC RADIO -stellar musical lineup,regional&national poets

-IMPROV WITH AMRAM-local poetics&jazz & tons of other once-in-a-lifetime events.