Riffs 1999
Prince David and Sir Jason
A Venerable Prince Takes A Cab
Lord Buckley Alive
Whack At The Classics
Lord Buckley Powers Ahead
Knockin' That S.O.S.'n Bell
The Lord Returns To Tuolumne
The Lord Jumps The Pond
Prince Henzel Flips The Bugbird
The Candidate And The Eisenberg
Lord Buckley In Grass Valley
His Lordship Makes The Bad Girrls


Published July 1999
Prince Henzel Flips The Bugbird

Prince Richard Henzel, will be gracing Marc Smith's Uptown Poetry Slam on Sunday, August 22 at 8PM at Chicago's famouse Green Mill bar.

With original music and a rockin' 88's performance by that musical mad beat daddy Jonathan Menchin, Henzel, recently featured as Lord Buckley in Chicago's Prop Theatre premier of Charles Pike's play "The Seven Ply Gasser", will offer a gone rendidtion of "The Bugbird", His Lordships nod to swingin' Eddie Allen Poe's magnificent torch "The Raven".Did the milkman come yet? Dig the scene, daddy-o!!!

The Green Mill
Corner of Lawrence & Broadway
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, August 22 8P